147b: Bennett Foddy [EXCERPT]


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Game designer and philosopher Bennett Foddy joins merritt to talk culture morphing, game clones, and the afterlife of the author.

Bennett is @bfod on Twitter. You can find more of his work at foddy.net.

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  • Bennett Rec's: Eating grapefruit by peeling it instead of with a spoon
  • merritt Rec's: Yellowcake

Works Cited:

"What I'm trying to do is give due respect to people liking things for their own reasons, and not try to force everyone to like things the way I want them to like them. When I was thinking of Getting Over It as a narrative game, I was thinking of it as a game that would be of interest to maybe ten thousand people. And if it has to be understood as a reaction piece to be enjoyed by ten million people, it's difficult to object to that."

  • Bennett Foddy on making art